Explorer Scouts is the 4th section of the Scouting Family after Scouts and is open to all, aged 14 – 18.

The unit meets on a Tuesday evening from 19:45 to 21.30. Meetings will be either at The 204th Scout Hall or other locations depending on the programme.

As an Explorer Scout Unit we are involved in traditional Scouting Skills of Camping, Hiking, Cooking and Pioneering for example. Scouting aims to preparing young people with skills for life with activities focusing on challenge and achievement. They will including teamwork, leadership, helping others, resilience and more. These skills have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians.

Through a range of badges and awards, the Explorers can demonstrate their proficiencies, expand their interests and work towards the Scouting top awards which are the Chief Scout’s Platinum, Diamond and Queen’s Scout awards. There is also the opportunity to take part in the D of E programme and International Camps and activities.

Explorers also have the opportunity to participate in the running of other sections as Young Leaders, alongside adult leaders, bringing a range of fresh ideas and acting as positive role models for the young people in the section.

Young Leaders (14-18)Young Leaders are Explorer Scouts who choose to also volunteer alongside the adult leaders of the group to support our Beaver, Cub and Scout sections. Often these are young people that have grown up with the Group and have now chosen to help the next generation.

Whilst being a great asset to the group young leaders can also use their volunteering time to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

In addition, The Scout Association provides a scheme which includes training and a set of modules and missions which can be achieved by Young Leaders. Once the scheme is completed young leaders earn their ESYL belt buckle. Not only that but they will have made a massive benefit to the Group and learnt great life skills along the way.

Challenge Awards

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award
The Chief Scout’s Platinum Award is a chance to celebrate your progress, and take stock of how far you’ve come.

Chief Scout’s Diamond Award
The Chief Scout’s Diamond Award is the highest of the Chief Scout’s Awards and the final step before the King’s Scout Award.

King’s Scout Award
The King’s Scout Award is the highest award for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members. Earning it is a huge achievement!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
Test yourself with an award for every level of challenge.

Young Leader Award
Hone your leadership skills by volunteering with a younger section

Explorer Belt
The Explorer Belt is the challenge of a lifetime. Explore untrodden ground over a ten-day period, test your limits and get to grips with a new culture.

Membership Award
Once you’ve made your Promise, you’ll earn your Membership Award, featuring an image of the fleur de lis. This is the international Scout symbol, worn by Scouts all over the world.

Joining In Award
Joining In Awards celebrate every year you spend with us, starting from your very first day as a Beaver right up until your last meeting. As an Explorer, you can earn up to four.

Moving On Award
Eventually, it’ll be time to embrace your next big adventure. Get ready for Network: our fifth and final section for 18-25 year olds.



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls